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Personal Yoga Instruction is perfect for people who want to start out their yoga training with a firm foundation in alignment, function, and adaptability of yoga for the individual needs of their body. At Essential Yoga Space, we specialize in working with women over 40, who want the increase flexibility, balance, strength, and stability that yoga provides.

Women work with Pili, when they want a yoga practice that is designed with their individual needs and goals in mind. The benefits of personal yoga training include improving posture and flexibility, dissolving stress and anxiety, building confidence in your own body, and unlocking the power of yoga to heal the body and mind.

Let us help you discover the joy of being in your body!


Work with Pili

Yoga is a whole body wellness system that is meant to evolve and adapt as your body and mind also evolve. Yoga is a practice that is meant to be personal and daily.  The guidance of a highly trained yoga teacher is key to establishing a solid yoga practice that can then be further developed by the student at home. When you work with Pili, you will experience focused, individualized attention, learn how to use your breath as a tool for stress management and relaxation. Pili often combines her knowledge of aromatherapy and yoga, to help her clients dissolve stress and anxiety, release sore, tight, painful muscles, increase circulation and support the immune system. Ready to begin your whole body wellness program?

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Sizes XS-2XL

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Sizes S-2XL

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