Essential Tools Every Woman Must Have....

Women are amazing. We have complex bodies and complex lives. Taking care of our bodies are so important in every phase of our lives. As a woman, as a yoga teacher, as a chemist, I am always looking to be in tune with my body and its natural ability to heal itself, when given the right tools and the space to do so. Yoga has been such a tool in my life, and has helped to balance and create space for the cyclical changes in my body. Another tool, that I am so grateful for, is essential oils and natural supplements containing essential nutrients to aid my body to replenish itself and to work together with my normal healthy body processes to create balance and homeostasis. 

It is my passion to share natural, holistic ways to support the health of our body. Check out my essential oil education class all about Women's Health and how essential oils and essential supplements can help.   

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Pili Bailey