What is an ESSENTIAL YOGA SPACE anyway?

You may have noticed the rebranding of my website and all my social media channels. As I have continued to serve people using yoga and aromatherapy, I realized how often people tell me, “Oh, I love yoga. I wish I had time for it.”  or “ I want to get into yoga, I just don’t have space in my home for it.”  Likewise, with essential oils, “I have been wanting to look into essential oils, there is just so much to learn and I don’t have time to research it all.”

One of the biggest stressors in my life is my relationship with time and schedule. Often feeling like there are not enough hours in the day, and certainly not enough to hours to prioritize my self-care. As a mom, a business owner, a teacher, a therapist, a wife, and so many other hats and roles I fill on any given day, I often find that my days, weeks and months are over-scheduled and full with just the standard commitments. Not to mention the many requests for meetings, appointments, birthday parties, events and family commitments that pop up all throughout the month.

At the beginning of each month, I sit down with my planner and I begin to map out the month. My calendar is so full there seems to be no place else to write. This usually fills me with angst. I am an introvert. I need quiet and solitary time to fill my tank. I need space to think, to feel, to observe, to listen.

I started to long for extended Savasana at the end of my yoga classes. Here I found a few precious moments to just breath, to listen, to connect. This time became a very important, an essential moment in my day. It helped me to collect myself, to align with the voice within, to seek the face of the Divine, and to know my true nature, Love.

Likewise, with my own yoga practice, I will be honest, my practice is not a set time of day or in a set place. My practice looks like a continual burst of short moments, where I investigate an asana or two. Maybe while my son is playing at the park. Or at home, on the living room floor, no yoga mat, no blocks or strap, just me, the carpet and my breath. This is yoga. Union with the inner Self. Coming to a place where I can observe my breath, my body and listen to what it needs in that moment.  These moments, when taken collectively, are what make up my typical practice. I observe my breathe in the grocery store, while walking to the park, or driving in my car. This is Yoga.

Emotional awareness and the ability to breathe through the tides of feelings that rise, is also yoga.

Emotional awareness and the ability to breathe through the tides of feelings that rise, is also yoga. As I train my mind to observe and allow my heart to feel and to express, I am able to be with what comes up, and use my physical practice to release it. This is where my aromatherapy comes in. There are times where my mind is too distracted or my emotions too agitated to be able to really dial in to what is going on inside. Essential oils are powerful aromatic compounds that are highly volatile. When we breathe them in they connect with the part of the brain that is seat of our emotions. Helping to anchor the brain and even allows us to change the state of our emotions.

For example, citrus oils have a very uplifting effect on the mood. Mint oils are very energizing to the body. Floral oils are usually very soothing and calming to the central nervous system.

Combining the effects of breathe awareness, aromatherapy, and asana practice can be transformational to the body, the mind, and the emotions. I have found in my own life, that wherever I am, I can create space to practice my Yoga and that using aromatherapy and yoga combined, are an essential part of being able to be mindful and present in my life.

The creation of Essential Yoga Space, is a reminder that there is always space for yoga and aromatherapy. Use of essential oils and breath-work, is yoga. Practicing asana and anchoring the body using grounding or centering essential oils, is essential yoga. Wherever you are, by practicing mindfulness you create space for your practice of yoga.

Use of essential oils and breath-work, is yoga.

I hope you will journey with me as we continue to explore the intersection of Yoga, Essential Oils, and Mindfulness. Check out my upcoming events if you would like to experience yoga and aromatherapy combined. 

Pili Bailey