From Skeptic to Convert: How I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

Pili and Jacqueline.

Pili and Jacqueline.

Many of you may know me as your yoga teacher. You may only know me as your go to essential oil educator. You may not know me at all. This may be your first time reading anything from me. Whoever you are, and how ever you know me, I want to share with you how one woman’s boldness and kindness has been instrumental in changing the trajectory of my life and of my family’s life!

This woman right here:

Jacqueline Gabert, owner of Nurture Your Vitality. Passionate Women's Health & Hormone Coach

Jacqueline Gabert, owner of Nurture Your Vitality. Passionate Women's Health & Hormone Coach

Jacqueline and I met when we both attended the same church and lived on the same block with each other. I remember the day Jacqueline shared DoTERRA with me for the first time. I was visiting her while she was on bed rest during pregnancy.  When I walked in she was flipping through a spiral bound Modern Essential Guide Handbook. I asked her about it and she let me know that while at a Nursing Conference she was introduced to Essential Oils and she was thinking of starting her own business with the oils. She handed me the book. I flipped through and all that went through my head was,  “Uh-Oh. She is going to try and sell these oils to me.” I handed the book back to her and we chatted. She never tried to sell me the oils.

A couple months later, my 2 year old son who had just started nursery school was congested and had a persistent cough. He was too young for over the counter medicines and I am not a person who uses many OTC or RX medicines if I can help it.

I started doing some research on alternative remedies to help my little guy have more restful sleep and have support for his respiratory system. My search revealed essential oils may be the answer.  I remembered that Jacqueline had shared oils with me, and since she was a nurse, I called her and asked for recommendations for what I could use to help my son.

She spent over 30 minutes with me going over safety, guidelines for use, and then offered to pack up her own diffuser, put together samples that are safe to use on children,  and make me a few roller blends to apply to my son’s feet and chest.

I was blown away by the immediate results that we witnessed upon putting the oils to use. For the first time in many nights, my little boy was able to sleep through the night without being awoken with a coughing fit.
I was so intrigued.

It was hard to part with the diffuser she had loaned us.  I had to have one of my own. So I ordered it on Amazon. I was a believer about oils, but I felt that the cost of ordering it from DoTERRA was too high.

Weeks went by and I found myself at my local health food store buying Essential Oils off the shelf. Labels boasting of 100% purity convinced me that these must be safe and just as beneficial as the ones Jacqueline had shared with me.

I was looking for oils to help me with post baby blues and monthly irritation that had seemed to be getting increasingly harder to deal with every month after I had stopped breastfeeding. I was going through a very rough period in my emotions and I needed support.

I read somewhere that sage oil was helpful for these kinds of issues and so I bought it. I called Jacqueline. I was so proud of my new found love for essential oils. She shared with me her own journey with using essential oils for mood support and recommended a couple of blends that were incredibly helpful for her.

At this point I was ready to try anything because I had truly been suffering. She explained the discounts and perks of being a member of DoTERRA, but I was still not ready to listen. So I bought the grounding blend and the calming blends she recommended from her at retail price.

Using these oils produced huge results, so I asked her about oils for my monthly cycle, and she helped me order women’s monthly blend. I enjoyed pain free periods for the first time since my son was born.

I quickly saw that the oils Jacqueline was using were so much more potent and produced far greater results, than the other oils I had purchased from my health food store. I finally saw the value in the oils Jacqueline had. So my next purchase was an enrollment kit, which came with ten oils and a diffuser at a huge discount.

The very next sentence that came out of my mouth after finally becoming a member was “ I am never going to want to do this as a business, so please don’t even ask me.”  To which Jacqueline replied “No problem”.

She kept her word.

I couldn’t stop sharing the news about these oils. I kept telling people about the tremendous results I was having using these oils on myself and my family. When they would ask how they could get them, I would send them to Jacqueline. Finally she said,  “I am happy to help people order on my website,  but you could just send them your website link and they could order themselves”.

My ears perked up,  and my resistance was no longer there because I had experienced the benefits of these oils.  It was natural for me to want to share this experience with everyone I met. So I asked Jacqueline to explain the business to me. After that I committed to sharing these powerful gifts from the earth with whoever would like to learn about them.


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Jacqueline and I laugh about this story because the timeline from skeptic to convert over the business was about a week. From the time I told her I would never do this as a business until I was asking her over to her explain how to start the business, it was about 8 days.

It’s been 3 years since Jacqueline patiently walked beside me to help me discover the difference of DoTERRA essential oils. Since then, she has been an amazing partner, friend, cheerleader, confidant, and spearhead to help me achieve all the goals I have for my future.

She has been a wonderful role model of patience, persistence and perseverance that has the power to change lives. She and I attended our first convention together and we set goals to impact lives through education and coaching people on how to change their health and their financial future.  This year, at our third convention, we set the goal to continue to share and educate and inspire more women to join us on this journey of Health and Wellness with DoTERRA.

One woman, with faith and courage, changed my life, and because she did, I have been able to help hundreds of people in the same manner. I am so grateful.

This is my testimony. I am sharing it with you in case you, like me, are in need of natural options to maintain your health and well-being. My search led me to doTERRA essential oils. Could this be the right path for you? I would love to help you on your journey of health and wellness. Please feel free to comment below or contact me through email at

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