Join us! 30 day Yoga Challenge.

Virtual Yoga Challenge with Essential Yoga Space.

Join us for the 30 day yoga challenge, beginning on October 1st. Every weekday during the challenge we will meet virtually via webcam for a live 30 minute yoga class at 6:00 am PST (9 am EST). You are encouraged to continue your home practice on the weekend on your own, and to engage in the Facebook Group for accountability and support every weekend.

This challenge was born out of a desire to establish a routine of an early morning yoga practice to set the tone for the rest of my day. Knowing how difficult it can be to establish a new habit alone, I wanted to invite others to join me on this challenge. I believe in the power of community and setting a collective intention for growth that leads to transformation. I invite you to join us for this challenge. Simply fill out the form below, and you will be emailed the link to the Private Facebook Group. Are you ready to make a shift in your personal health? Join us today.

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