About Pili Bailey


I look forward to connecting you here. Like you, I wear many hats. I am a yogi, a yoga therapist, a chemist, an aromatherapist, a mother, a wife, an adventurer, an entrepreneur, a natural healthcare enthusiast. I am the originator, creator, founder and owner of Aroma Therapeutic Yoga. Aroma Therapeutic Yoga, is an integrated modality that focuses on healing, rehabilitation, increasing strength and flexibility, and developing mindfulness. Using the most pure and potent therapeutic grade essential oils available today, this one-on-one therapy begins with a 30-60 minute consultation, in which we will go over your current state of health, your health goals, and create a personalized therapeutic plan that fits your schedule and your health needs.

I discovered yoga and began my yoga practice over 12 years ago. At the time, I saw yoga as a really good physical exercise that also helped me to deal with the demand of a stressful career at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Over time, I began to experience the transformational effects of yoga not only in my physical body, but also in my mental and emotional body as well. I was hooked. Yoga in my own life has been instrumental in dealing with past trauma and finding emotional healing, as well as

My mission and goal is to help people to live healthier, happier, more stress-free lives. The goal of this page is also to be a resource of information for how to improve your health and the health of the people you love using natural plant based medicines and therapies. Equipped with the knowledge my M.S. in Chemistry from Georgetown University gave me, as well as more than 12 years of research experience in the pharmaceutical, nutritional supplementation, and biomedical field, I seek to provide the most scientifically sound and evidence based information about natural therapies available.

I hope you will use this page a resource in your own discovery of natural practices that will improve your health, vitality, longevity, and mental and emotional wellbeing. Please let me know how I can best assist you on your journey.