Pili is a very dedicated and attentive teacher. She watches our form closely and pushes us to reach new levels. I have definitely grown in my yoga practice through her help and recommend her class to anyone who wants to develop their practice.
— Melisa Berry, Pasadena, CA

I’m very impressed with the precision of correct body alignment Pili demonstrates and teaches, which is so good for my chronic neck and shoulder pain.
— Jayne Covell, Pasadena, CA

Yoga by Pili is one of the best yoga experiences EVER! Most of my practice has been rooted in flow or Vinyasa yoga, which has more focus on the flow between poses. Iyengar yoga is more focused, detailed and precise. You don’t think you’re working out at first because Pili may just be coaching you through standing properly. But the focus between pose, breath and mind purify the body in a way I’ve never experienced before.

Pili combines her practice with aromatherapy which kicks the wellness into mega gear. I also appreciate her ability to tailor the moves for the student while still making it a rewarding challenge. Such amazing healing and growth take place with her guidance.
— Wendi Vaughn, Glendale, CA


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