Wellness Consultations

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 Would you like to receive sound aromatherapy advice and education from a highly trained professional with a Masters in Chemistry and 12 years of experience? 

I would be honored to sit with you and help you discover the powerful chemistry behind essential oils and how they can work for you and your family.  The Wellness Consultation is a 30-45 min in webcam or phone conversation. The cost for this consultation is $35 USD. 

 During your personalized Wellness Consultation,  you will share your needs, your goals, and the problems you are needing to solve. Then I will show you the essential oils and wellness products that would best fit your needs. You are under no obligation to buy any of the products recommended. However, if you did decide to continue your wellness journey by ordering essential oils with me,  you would receive continued guidance from me and my team.

Should you choose to become a member of my essential oil community, I would mentor you personally. Using my Masters Degree in Chemistry and my years of experience in Aromatherapy, I would help you to learn all you need to improve your health and wellness naturally. 

Connect with me through social media. I am always offering free educational classes via Facebook.