Corporate Yoga/ Wellness Classes

Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Yoga Classes

Yoga has been shown to improve workplace productivity, improve workplace satisfaction in companies that invest in the well-being of their employees by offering regular yoga classes. My services are often retained by Corporate Offices as well as Institutions of Higher Learning for staff leadership retreats, staff trainings, and corporate wellness events. Offering chair yoga classes for 30-45 minutes once a week has been shown to improve the workplace moral, as well as improve the day to day operations due to staff learning tools to manage stress, increase self-awareness, and decrease impulsive responses that lead to workplace conflict.

Yoga in the workplace can also decrease low back pain, neck and upper back tension, and decrease the number of employee sick days taken on yearly basis.

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Personal Yoga Training

Office hours 9:00 am-2:00 Pm

I work privately with my clients in Pasadena, CA. I work with people, primarily women over 40, who have chronic pain, a desire to improve fitness and health, and those who are returning to yoga after injury. Using my training in Yoga Therapy through Loyola Marymount University, I customize sequences that fit your body and ability.  My clients have come to me with stiff necks and upper backs, shoulder and hip pain, and low back, SI joint, or sciatic issues.  Within a few sessions, clients have reported feeling less pain, having increased strength and range of motion in areas that were chronically stiff and inflamed, and have been able to stand taller, have more energy and feel more able to do the normal day to day activities without pain

All sessions are by appointment only. Call to schedule your yoga lesson today.  

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