Community and Goal Setting in 2018. What are you working towards?

Are you, like most people, in the process of setting goals and thinking about what you want to accomplish this year?  Do you believe that it is important to set a vision and set goals in your life? 

I didn't really think that it was so important to actually plan out my life until 2017. So for me 2017 was about learning how to set goals, have a vision and actually work towards it.  Does this resonate with you? 

Tune in to my recent video about Goals in 2018 and the importance of prioritizing community. 

What is your vision for community in your life? What is your vision for connecting with people in your life? Is it something of value to you? 

I would love to hear your thoughts? Let's have a conversation. You are so important to me. Connecting with you this year is on my goals list in 2018. What are some of your goals?