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Why did you create the hashtag Black Girls Use DoTERRA?

When I first joined doTERRA over three years ago, I attended the Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was struck by how few people of color I saw among a sea of 30 thousand attendees. I knew how powerful these products and essential oils had been in my life, and I wanted to share these products with my family and friends and my community. People I felt could really use them and benefit from them.

I had a hard time sharing the doTERRA educational tools, such as videos, blog posts, magazine articles, and social media images because the images did not mirror the black experience. I knew some of my network would feel excluded or be resistant to trying doTERRA because of that. Still, I knew that there were people of color using doTERRA products and enjoying tremendous success in the business. I wanted to share the opportunity with everyone I knew because I really believed that the products and the business opportunity could be a gift in someones life who really needed freedom in their health and finances.

After my second convention, where I did see slightly more people of color at Convention, I decided to seek out other African American women who were actively educating their communities with the powerful tools of doTERRA. I used Instagram to seek out people of color who were promoting doTERRA. Then I created a Facebook Group where we could connect, share resources, and encourage one another. The group has grown organically over the past 6-8 months.

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By the time I attended my third convention, this past September, we had over 300 women in the Facebook group. Many of us were able to meet and connect at Convention. We were all very happy to see a large Billboard proudly displaying an African American woman and her child using doTERRA essential oils. I noticed how doTERRA corporate has made a huge effort to produce images that showed all the different cultures of people around the world that have come into this doTERRA family. It was beautiful.

Upon my return home, I felt a renewed purpose to keep highlighting and promoting the use of essential oils with particular emphasis on education in the black communities. As part of this effort, we started the hashtag campaign #BLACKGIRLSUSEDOTERRA to raise awareness among black women of the powerful health care support that doTERRA essential oils and products can provide. Also, as more women of color become aware of how they can support themselves and their families with natural healthcare options that are safe, non-toxic, and better for them than many of the options they are currently using, we hope to change the face of healthcare within the black communities.

Health is our greatest asset. Without our health we can not hope to work and live at our optimum and rise above our circumstances. The American Healthcare system is severely broken. As we awake to this new era of healthcare, we realize how important it us for us to educate ourselves about our options to create the optimal health in our selves and in our families. Women are the driving force of care in their families, and as we as women of color educate ourselves on the best ways to support our families, we are creating a legacy of good health to transform our communities.

How can someone who is interested take part in this campaign to raise awareness of natural healthcare options in the black communities?

We invite everyone who wants to change the face of healthcare in America to join us in this campaign. What we really want to see if people in their daily lives using doTERRA essential oils for themselves and their families. We would love to see people posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram showing everyone how they are putting doTERRA essential oils and supplements to work in their lives. We all have powerful stories. Once you begin using doTERRA it is usually the profound health effects that you experience that keeps you coming back for more. So we want to hear those powerful stories from people of color all over the world, who are using doTERRA and experiencing tremendous benefits. The campaign will begin on October 10, 2018. We hope that it will grow and take on a life of its own. We hope that people will be inspired to join this campaign and share their own stories with us through their social media news feeds and stories. We will be interviewing and featuring women of color who are using doTERRA to find out why they are using doTERRA, how they are using doTERRA, and why they feel passionate about sharing doTERRA with the people they love. We hope you will join the movement, October 10, 2018.

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